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PT Sari Coffee Indonesia

When coffee becomes a part of people’s daily lives. One person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

PT Sari Coffee Indonesia

Who would have thought that in the last 10 years, coffee that was used to complete people’s day, now has become something that they need and a part of their lifestyle? There are many new coffee shops offering a wide variety of unique menus. But still, there is one coffee shop that has stolen people’s hearts, Starbucks Coffee. A coffee shop that always come with new variations, such as their menus, their iconic tumblers, until various promotions which are very difficult to miss.

Spoiling customers is one of the things that Starbucks promises. Starbucks customers must have understood that the quality and consistency provided will entertain them in all Starbucks outlets in Indonesia. Like coffee that has become a necessity, the digital world is now something that people cannot let go. Aware of this, Starbucks is trying to provide the best offer for its customers, especially customers who spend a lot of time in the digital world.

LINE Official Account has become Starbucks' choice in giving promotions to its customers. Although several other channels are also used, LINE Official Account is indeed proven to be the most effective one. This can be seen from the queue in every outlet when Starbucks runs the promotion through its LINE Official Account. The high enthusiasm of customers who get the promo from LINE Official Account proves that the traffic in each store will increase as the promo is created, such as Buy 1 Get 1 which is now become a favorite.

It doesn't stop there, Starbucks also participated in LINE Concert 2018 held in Jogjakarta. The similarity of vision and the selection of millennials as the target, are seen as a proof that this collaboration is a success that benefits both parties. Throughout 2018, Starbucks noted that there were up to 1.7 million coupons that were distributed through LINE Official Account exchanged. This makes Starbucks want to continue to be a part of LINE by making new breakthroughs this year by getting closer to its customers.

Want to know what kind of breakthrough that Starbucks will make? Let’s we all wait for the surprise that Starbucks will give exclusively to LINE users!


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