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Bank Central Asia, Tbk

When Banking Becomes an Exciting Thing To Do

Bank Central Asia, Tbk

  • Difficult to approach young people to the banking industry
  • Make the use of digital platforms to spread information


  • Use LINE Official Account to share promo
  • Use the Chatbot feature for 24/7 customer service


  • Chatbot is proven to have more use other than to be 24/7 customer service, but also an effective marketing tool for young people.

Rigid, is probably the first thing that occurred on our minds when discussing about finance, especially banking. Even though since we were little we have been taught to save money, when we have become adults, everything about "money storage" feels so boring. Aware of this, BCA as one of the bank with the largest number of customers in Indonesia, wants to position itself as a bank that is close to all their customers, in this case especially with young people.

The life of the young people that is always associated with internet – from the use of social media to online chatting, is utilized optimally by BCA. This great phenomenon makes BCA interested in greeting and getting closer to its young customers through chat / instant messaging platforms. That is why BCA chose to use its Chatbot feature, better known as VIRA.

Since the beginning of joining LINE, BCA uses various features in LINE Official Account, such as Info & Promos and also Banking Transactions. Through LINE Official Account, BCA invites its young customers to know better about BCA’s products just by scrolling their fingers, which is certainly safe, comfortable and reliable. VIRA, the Chatbot feature that was used as a smart assistant for customers, is ready to help 24/7 non-stop. Its function has also evolved. It is no longer providing information on various banking transactions only, but it can also be a marketing tool that can provide direct traffic to the BCA website.

So far, VIRA has proven to be an effective marketing tool for BCA. Not only it provides direct traffic to the BCA website, it even increases the potential of business and acquisition leads, especially from the youth sector. This is proven by the increase in traffic to the BCA website through VIRA reached 90% when BCA held the Nobar Sakuku campaign. It didn’t stop there, when the VIRA Movie Festival was held in 2018, there was 86% exchange of vouchers from the 10,000 vouchers provided.

In the future, VIRA will be enriched with a variety of information needed for all LINE users - not only for BCA customers but for everyone who has the potential to become ones. Are you ready to look forward to a new breakthrough from BCA?


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